Brenden's Corner

Brenden Passed Away January - 22 - 05 My Heart Is Sad.

            I am dedicating this page to my son Brenden, who had Juvenile HD, this is for you, Brenden.

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MPG Video created in his memory by his sister, Justine

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t has been observed that the earlier in life the symptoms of HD appear, the faster the disease progresses. In most cases it begins in middle age, but some people develop symptoms of HD before the age of 20. First symptoms of these so-called early-onset or juvenile HD cases often include subtle changes in handwriting and a rapid decline in school performance. The person may develop seemingly minor movement disorders, such as slowness, rigidity, tremor or a rapid muscular twitching. 

Juvenile HD symptoms are different from the chorea that develops in adults with HD, however; in fact, they are similar in some ways to the early signs of Parkinson's disease. People with juvenile HD also may have seizures and mental disabilities, however, which are uncharacteristic of Parkinson's disease. Juvenile or early-onset HD runs it course comparatively fast, with death typically occurring in about 10 years.

A little bit about Brenden' s life.  Brenden, I Love You so so much you are my Beautiful little boy and always will be, I Love You Always & Forever  Brenden was born March 16th 1985. Brenden seemed and was healthy but as the years went on their came a change. Brenden started having a hard time learning, walking talking and interacting at school and with his friends. Nobody knew why Brenden was acting the way he was, doctor visit after doctor visit shed no light on Brenden's problem, then his doctor said their was one last test she wanted to do, but thought that it would prove nothing but wanted to rule out the test anyhow..  

Brenden's test came back a month later, it was Positive and the doctor ran the test three times just make sure that she was not wrong, all three times the test was positive. Brenden's test diagnosed him for Juvenile Huntington's Disease there is no cure for it.  Brenden now is pretty much handicap he can not walk, feed himself, bathe himself, nor go to the bathroom and wipe himself, he legs and arms have twisted inward, his body jerks a lot and he wears diapers now, he does not know he is dying, and does not want to know. 

His mind is that of a 3 to 5 year old his speech is all garbled hard to understand he head jerks around a lot too, plus he is in pain so much of the time but does not complain. Sometimes when he looks at me it is like there is nothing in his eyes, just a blank stare, then there are those times where he looks at ya smiles and lifts his hand up and gently caresses my cheek, it gets right to my heart, and I fight back the tears. 

I know in my heart that things happen for a reason, I just thank God he allowed me the chance to be a mother and have two beautiful children. Knowing that when it is time for Brenden to leave his body and go home to God, makes it easier to accept although I can say I Don't like it, and I do get mad that I will not see my son in the flesh and kiss & hug  him when he is gone.   

 Brenden was such a good baby, up during the day slept though the night, Brenden has always loved his cartoons even now at 19 years old he love's his cartoons, & comedies Jackie Chan movies too, he loves to laugh and more than not he is a sweet loving young man, but like everyone we all have our bad days too, even when we don't have a disease..

Brenden Passed Away January -22 -05 My Heart Is Sad

Before I say goodbye

Remember the days
we used to ride our bikes outside
and whenever dad got angry
together we'd run and hide

In case you don't remember
this is my final try
to share them again with you
before I say goodbye

I used to steal your toys
and you would steal mine
and whenever we fought
you took the blame most of the time

When I think about the memories
it's hard not to cry
but I thought I'd remind you of them
before I say goodbye

You'll be ten in my eyes forever
if they ask when you've gone
I'll say never

If they thought it was death
at your door creeping
then they're all wrong
because you're just sleeping

All the fights and the wounds we've shared
don't even come close to our love when compared

And with every tear that I cry
are a million I Love You's to say
Before I say goodbye

Dedicated to my little brother Brenden Hiraoka

Justine Hiraoka

Justine & Brenden

Slipped Away

Na na
Na na na na na na
I miss you
I miss you so bad
I don't forget you
Oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found
It won't be the same
Na na
Na na na na na
I didn't get around to kiss you
Goodbye on the hand
I wish that I could see you again
I know that I can't
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly

I've had my wake up
Won't you wake up
I keep asking why
I can't take it
It wasn't fake
It happened you passed by
Now you're gone
Now you're gone
There you go
There you go
Somewhere I can't bring you back
Now you're gone
Now you're gone
There you go
There you go
Somewhere you're not coming back

Na na
Na na na na na na
I miss you

Here are some photos of Brenden, Hope you like them...   Click on a photo to see it enlarged. 

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Brenden My Son, I Love You Always & Forever Mommy. 

Kissing You     

I'm kissing you I'm Kissing You
Pride can stand a thousand trials,
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you,
My soul cried
Heaving heart is full of pain,
Oh, oh, the aching
'Cos I'm kissing you, oh,
I'm kissing you, oh
Touch me deep, pure and true,
Gift to me forever
'Cos I'm kissing you, oh,
I'm kissing you, oh
Where are you now?
Where are you now?
'Cos I'm, oh I'm kissing you,
I'm kissing you, oh, ohhhh!

song by Desree

Brenden My Son
Brenden my son where have the years gone
just yesterday it seems I was holding
you in my arms, like the day you were born
March 16 has come, and now you are nineteen
My only son I love and adore with all of my heart
it saddens me soon from my life you will part
Your little body it's so twisted and in great pain
Where you go will be a better place pain no more
Up into heaven in Gods loving arms his angels
will sing rejoice a hundred doves will soar in the sky
down here on earth your dad sister and I we will cry
up in heaven uncle Timmy will be holding you tight
When you were born you were such a good baby
you were up during the day and slept through the night
not one problem for me you fill my life and heart with such pride
No one expected what the out come would be none of us heard of
this awful Huntington's disease that you would end up suffering from
Huntington's it rob you your life as a child life as a young adult
Your right to fall in love get married have a family of your own
not once have I heard you complain you still manage to laugh
at cartoons and comedy movies or a joke that you hear
You have such courage and I have this big time fear
oh my sweet Brenden Chessen I Love You so much
you have giving my life the sweetest of love and gentle touch
both you and your sister are Loving Gifts sent to me by God
and as parents when that happens we love you and raise you
the best that we can but the gift is getting to love you to care 
help you to grow and to understand we are all part of God's plan
I know in my heart that things happen for a reason
It's not up to me to question but still keep my faith
keep my love and trust keep believing, I know deep in my
heart body and soul God is love, he gave up his son
so all of us would live free from sin and pain, as a parent I know
that it must have been the hardest thing to do let your son sacrifice his life
for me and for you so no I do not blame or hate God I know he grieves too
 There will be that day when we have to say goodbye
No matter our age young or old we all live and we die
 It was our time but letting go of a child is the hardest thing to do
but my gift back to God is to let go of you, for I knew in my heart
that you are a blessing God gave me I know you're not mine to keep.
But knowing one day together you and I we will again meet.
It will not be on earth but heaven so sweet free of all the pain all of the hurt
No Crying no heartache no more sorrow no more of the deep pain inside no grief
Just beautiful Love the truest of God's blessings that is most ever sweet. 
Brenden my son when God takes you home up in heaven
Please know my son I pray that you will remember
how much I do so much Love You now and forever,
and watch over me and your dad your big sister too,
and know a part of us will be empty till we all reunite with you
But  until then You and Uncle Timmy have many wondrous flights
in the heavens where ever you go have fun soar through heavens sky 
with your pain free perfect soul soaring ever so high in the star filled night
Lots of Love & Hugs and Kisses I Love You Always Forever 
Love Mommy

 My Sweet Child
So hard to accept the fate you live everyday that was given to you
my sweet child my heart aches knowing the pain you always go through.
Never would I thought when I gave birth to you my perfect beautiful son,
that you would suffer so much from anything like this where nothing can ever be done.
My Sweet Child how Juvenile Huntington's has caused a world of pain I could never have imagined,
watching your little fail body get twisted and watching the boy I knew slowly fade away a hurt so very tragic.
My Sweet Child my only Son, my heart gets ripped apart more each day as I know how you cry and you suffer,
as me your mother I'm helpless to stop the pain that you feel, feeling as if my heart has been pulled from my chest
it's so hard to deal, it seems like a life time, what everyday you endure it's devastating, nothing could be any rougher.
My Sweet Child I hope and pray that you know how very much I do So Deeply Love You,
I know you don't deserve this, and if I could I would take your place in a second and not regret it.
I know this is certainly not the life any parent would ever want for a child or ever choose,
Brenden I am so sorry for all of this, that only you feel and have to live 19 years old now but 9 years living with this.
 I Love You more everyday your my child my blessing, to me you are perfect.
for so many people want children some are not able to have them but I was so lucky
God gave me to gift of being a mother carrying you in my belly 9 months and giving birth to you
my Precious Son so Beautiful you are, I love you with all of my heart and soul your my shining bright star.
By mts

Saturday January 22- 2005

My beautiful Son you did fight hard to live,
but yesterday your frail little body well it quit.
Life is not fair that's the phrase people do say,
babies are born we live and we die, everyday. 

When I got the call yesterday morning from your dad,
he said Brenden is gone, I thanked God but I was so sad.
You suffered so many years your body twisted, thin as a rail
Huntington's disease ran through your body till your system did fail.

Only nineteen years old never really got to enjoy life as you should,
but you never complained only cried when you were in horrible pain
two months shy of your 20th b-day but looked like a little boy till the end.
60 pounds or less that you were and your eyes open as you took your final breath.

Saturday, January 22 -2005 nineteen years you did live but Jan -22 -05 , lost your life.
Oh My Sweet Son, as I sit here I just cry, writing these words out is hard I can't lie
I know I will have my days when I fall apart finding it hard to want to go on,
then I will remember how you fought to live one more day, your desire to live so strong.

I Love You Brenden With All of My Heart.

Love Mom. 

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