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I Love My Coffee so you could say I am a Javafreak!    

Hi, I'm Micki and this is my website. When I am not climbing the walls,   I am either here on my computer changing or adding or surfing the web, I listen to music. I am not a real people person, I enjoy my personal time I hate watching television never on a weekday weekends ok, I am not one for phone calls like I said I like my personal time I am way to Honest if I don't like you, you will know without a doubt, but I do not go out of my way to be mean.  If You want to get into my world this is the place if you want to get to know me here you will find out... Thanks Enjoy blessings to all... I am others wise Hard to get to know, I do not let people get too close.

Many family pictures are in the Photo Albums 1- 2 -3  so sit down and have a cup of coffee on me and enjoy my site.

My Pages here are about Family & Friends and things I like doing, or that I am passionate about. Fighting Aids and finding a cure is one of them, Finding a cure someday for Huntington's Disease is another, but in the mean time I have links and personal stories of families whose loved ones are going though these horrible afflictions.

I hope my pages & links help you understand these awful diseases a little bit more clearly.  I hope you enjoy my pages.

Timothy's Page is dedicated to my brother who died of Aids and other related symptoms caused by HIV / AIDS he was only 34 years old.

HIV/AIDS   IT IS NOT A GAY DISEASE! Aids affects all race & sex it does not discriminate!

Huntington's Disease is a crippling disorder that destroys the brain and central nervous system there is no cure at this time. 

Brenden' s Corner is dedicated to my son who had Juvenile Huntington's disease which progresses faster in juveniles than adult set H D and there is no cure. Brenden Passed Away January -22 -05  My Heart Is Sad.  DOB 3-16-85  DOD 1-22-05

All art work is created by Micki, feel free to send me e-mail
if you have any questions or comments about any photos or art work

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Dedicated to Uncle Bob, Parkinson's took your life  Nov 1- 04                        

Free At Last 

All chains removed, no more questions to ask,  
God has taken you home oh sweet one, your free at last. 
You suffered so much, yet you tried so hard to be strong, 
no more pills no pain, now home with God were you belong.

While you were here you made such a major impact,  in my life and so many others as well and that is a true fact.  I never met any one in my life that was so genuine and true,  who wrote beautiful poems from the heart, expressing on paper like you.

Robert Barnes, you will be forever etched inside my heart and others too,  you were one of a kind, and so loving and direct in everything you used to do.  I know that you are now in a better place and no longer in such incredible pain,  but the tears that I am crying now, I am sure will go on and on for more than a day.

You are now your little sister's guardian angel and I know will visit and watch over her, you both have this wonderful strong spiritual connection because of all you both had to endure.

I am happy that now you are finally free to live high in the heaven's way past the stars up above, know what an impact you had on me, I love you Bob, you gave to me so much pure honest love.



You also have a chance to express your opinion freely about any of the pages you may or may not like by simply e-mailing me.

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